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I am the Go-to-Guy for helping you grow your business by using the most powerful social media tools & keeping business simple. And Messenger ChatBots 💬 have been a HUGE success for our business - so much that we have 5x our revenues in the last 12 months!💥
Hi! My name is Jack Long,
🚸 Hubby. Dad.
🤖 Go to Bot Guy
🤓 People collector.
🔥 Engagement Maker.
🤑 Serial Business Creator.
I run my business so that I get to spend more time with family, and my business does NOT dictate my life - I do what I want, when I want. And you can too!
We help Entrepreneurs and Online Business Owners to collect people into audiences, help you ask your audience what they want to buy, and then create funnels to sell it to them… helping our clients building multiple six-figure businesses.
And we use Messenger ChatBots to run simple, powerful business strategies in my business & in my clients businesses too.
And now I am teaching YOU how to do the same thing!!
And Messenger ChatBots have been instrumental in our business because of the power of AUTOMATION! 🤖
I am the first to say... Hard work & Hustle are NOT the key ingredients to a successful business. In fact, I’ve earned more revenue in my biz by doing less work, and NOT working long hours & overcomplicating things. We run successful campaigns and powerful automated funnels through Facebook / Messenger ChatBots / YouTube & other platforms where our audience hangs out (FREE to use online platforms) 😱

🤖 T H E - T I M E - I S - N O W:

Your customers no longer have the time to trawl through your website / blog posts / Facebook pages / Podcast Episodes etc... just to find the information they are looking for from you and your business.
😍 Instead, with a ChatBot your customers will be having an informative conversation with your business to find out more about their needs (and what you can offer to help them).
Imagine your Facebook page & Messenger Bot to speaking to a member of staff or someone in customer service (saving you, your company, and staff stacks of time).
Now, with Messenger Bots your customers can instantly get what they want, and your business is the brand instantly giving it to them vs your slow competitors who are on email!
And our aim here at Messenger Bot Secrets is to help you build those conversations to serve your audience better.
🚀 Basically, I help Entrepreneurs build their list and grow their audience. We show YOU how to ask your leads what they want to buy, and then HOW sell it to them, all through an automated Money Making Machines... 🤑
… building multiple six-figure businesses for out clients.
And I can teach YOU how to do the same!!

⁉️ Where Can I Find Messenger Bot Secrets On Social Media??

Messenger Bot Secrets Facebook Page our main Bot business page to helping you get started with building ChatBots properly for your business. This is where we provide tips, training, updated news, and live training + guest speakers.
Monazite Before You Make It Group is where I focus on helping Entrepreneurs run their business by keeping it simple. We specialise in helping YOU take an idea, and launching your idea as a product AND making lots of money before you’ve even created that idea into a product... This page is solely for Small Online Business & Entrepreneurs wanting to make that leap! If you’re interested in more than just chatbots, join out group.
Our free FB group covers Biz strat / Funnels / & ChatBot tricks plus more..
🔥🔥🔥 Messenger Bot Secrets Online Program is our main flagship program.
Inside my flagship course we help people grow engagement in their businesses with ChatBots – FAST 🚀
Our course has helped THOUSANDS of students GROW their business in many different areas- From ZERO to a growing a list of leads and an engaged audience in the multiple thousands. And then how to filter your audience into ‘buckets’ allowing you to know exactly what your audience wants. Lastly how to sell to your audience through an Evergreen Money Making Machines powered by the rocket fuel 🚀 for your business - Facebook Messenger.
We have every type of marketing campaign for your business and we’ve built them out in messenger
💥 Think our course as the ClickFunnels for ChatBots 💥
That is WHY we have a high demand for enrolment!
Learn More Here 👉 https://www.messengerbotsecrets.biz/p/learn-more

🌊 J O I N - T H E - C H A T B O T - W A V E 🌊

🤖 NOW is the time to jump in and start building Messenger ChatBots before they hit the crest and EVERYONE in your niche market is using them. 🤖
Messenger bots 🤖 are changing the landscape of digital marketing right in front of our eyes.
If you’re not using them in your marketing, it’s time to hop on the bot-wagon! (See what I did there? 😏)
I have a FREE bot-guide on how to quickly and easily set up YOUR very first (and successful) Messenger ChatBot.
➡️ And guess what? You don’t need to be a techy, or hire a freelancer or have coding skills. 🙌 In fact, I’ll show you how to set up your first working Bot in 5 minutes! 🖐
👉 Grab our FREE guide where I’m giving away my top three secrets to absolutely smash your list building, audience engagement, and EVEN show you how to smash your next campaign out the park using Messenger bots.
🔥 SECRET #1: The exact software I use to create a ChatBot in 5 minutes delivering your lead magnets & free content (NO programming skills needed - Software FREE to use)
🔥 SECRET #2: How to build your list quickly and have people subscribe to your ChatBot & how to have your followers SUPER engaged with you're Facebook Page.
🔥 SECRET #3: How to DELIVER Your Awesome Lead Magnets Without The Need of Expensive Landing Page Software, NO Expensive Email Software, OR the need of Expensive FB Ads. (works for any funnel in any business in any niche).
FREE Step-by-Step ChatBot Guide

Option #1: Grab The Guide Here

Option #2: 🚀 Learn More About Our ChatBot Program 🚀


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