Jack's THREE Business Rules of Thumb!!!

A lot of Online Marketers ask... 'What is the magic to success'... 

And you know that there is NO magic blue print, or get rich quick formula! 

But to be successful does require understanding some basic numbers!

And if you take onboard what I am about to share with you, this could just change the way YOU look at your business going forward!

I call this...

Jack's THREE Business Rules of Thumb!!!

The three rules are actually just three numbers... (percentages actually % % %)

The THREE percent numbers are: 56% / 40% / 3%

Before you get all clever on me and message saying my numbers are off because they add up to 99... Hang on tight because there is a reason for this:

Lets dive DEEP now and breakdown those percentages (trust me, this is actually fun)!


> 56% of YOUR audience won't buy from you!

I know... I know... It is a little HARSH to say the least. But this is a true figure! At it doesn't just apply to you! This applies me, your competitors, the BIG...

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