What's a Chat Bot? And WHY You Need Them?

Messenger Bot.. 

Chat Bot... 

Messenger Marketing...

What ever you call them, the one word that sums up Bots perfectly is:


Messenger bots are simply an automated service. But why should you start using them...

Let me give you some info:

A chatbot is a service powered by an automated intelligence, basically you interact with a chat bot via a chat interface such as Facebook Messenger.

I use a software platform called ManyChat which taps into Facebooks platform and lets us create powerful tools with Messenger:

Website + Email + Customer Services + Sales - All in ONE!

Instead of browsing a website your customers will be having an informative conversation with the chatbot and find out more about their needs. Imagine it to speaking to a member of staff or someone in customer service (saving you, your company, and staff stacks of time).

According to a LiveChat report, visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than those who don’t chat; with 61% of those customers converting within the first chat. WOW!

The beauty is that the bot can have 1000s of conversation simultaneously which frees up your staff for other tasks. Win Win!

Ok, sounds good but why should YOU care. 

Well by now you know your audience are on social media, but now more people are using messenger services like Facebook messenger and whatsapp and even more so than they are using social media.

And it’s not just customer service and ecommerce, we are using messenger chatbots for lead generation, engagement, relationship building, content delivery, research, surveys, calculations, selling our products without being sleazy... and more!

And we have built bots for our clients such as weather updates, financial advice, news, meeting scheduling, live event tickets, automated webinars, life advice and more!


The STATS Don't Lie:

These stats will blow your mind, and will make you see WHY your business needs Messenger Marketing right now! :)


You read that right... Your email open rates are as low as 23%! 😭

Q: How many contacts do you have on your current email list right now?

(500, 1000, 10,000) ??

Now think that every time you send an email campaign, only 23% are going to open and read all that hard work!

EVEN worse. Only 3.3% of those people who open, will then click. 

3.3% of people clicking to listen to your next podcast. Read your awesome blog. Watch you latest video. Sign up to your FREE content series. And worse, see your special promotions and sales! 😱😱


Look at it like this 👇

Let's say you have an amazing 10,000 email contacts:

Contacts: 10,000

Open Rates: 2,300 read your email

Click Rates: 76 click your links

vs a Messenger contacts list of 1,000 leads: 900 Open, 405 Click. 


🔢 If you would like to calculate your current email list vs your Messenger bot 'goal' list, click the link to quickly see what you're missing out on: Click Here



NOW do you see WHY your Business needs Messenger Bots 'like' now?

We keep it simple with 3 easy steps to our Messenger Chat Bot success:

Capture leads using special Messenger Bot Tools (only 5 minutes to build)

Engage with our new leads, send quizzes, build deeper relationships

Offer products & services by segmenting our list and offer WHAT our followers want.


The Future of Messenger Marketing is NOW!

Imagine this scenario:

You have just opened the doors to your amazing NEW program, and your sales page is looking hot 🔥

But some of your potential new customers have simple questions such as 'do you have a payment plan' or 'what is the cancellation policy' or 'do you have any more testimonials or case studies'.... 

But instead of being able to directly ask you, they spend a frustrating amount of time scrolling up and down your HUGE mile-long sales page full of expensive copy and fancy images.

Some will stay and will read your info. Some will have the initiative to find a contact address to reach out to your team. And some will use the fancy chat feature on your sales page and patiently wait 12 hours until you and your team wake up in a different time zone to answer their question.

However, the high majority are now somewhere else... (probably shooting another Instagram story in a coffee shop and have forgotten all about you)!


How to get around this?

If your audience know's you are on Messenger Chat Bots, they won’t go to your website or fancy sales page for info when they need to contact you. Instead they’ll send you a Facebook message. And based on their questions, the chat bot will answer immediately, or re-direct them to the correct location. 

Check out this image of a Messenger Chat bot on my sales page, this answers questions instantly even when my team and I are tucked up in bed:

T H I S  I S  W H A T  Y O U R  C U S T O M E R S  W A N T:

Messenger will become your single point of interaction with customers—the one place where they can easily reach you anytime they have a question, need help, or simply want to make a purchase (which they will also be able to do directly through Messenger).


Early Adopters Will Win Big

There’s another thing I want to impress on you:

The BEST time to invest in Messenger Marketing and jump on this wave before it hits its crest is right now.

I’ve already said it a dozen different ways many blogs and posts: Messenger marketing is in the beginning stages of an explosion. And it won’t be long before it’s become a huge mainstream channel of communication.

Just think—if you could go back in time 10 years and begin investing in email marketing and building a list of email subscribers BEFORE email became overly saturated the way it is today…how valuable would that have been to you over the past decade?

That time for Messenger Marketing is NOW.

If you get started with Messenger Marketing now—learning the system, developing a strategy, and building your platform and your audience—then you will be light-years ahead of your competitors in a couple years when this channel goes mainstream.

👉 You’ll be among the leaders in your space.

But if you don’t…if you wait 3-5 years…if you wait until Messenger Marketing is so huge that you have no choice but to get in on it…

Then it will be too late. You’ll be playing catch-up and struggling to stand out from the sea of competitors who have already established a presence on Messenger.

So trust me guys…don’t wait on this. The time to strike is now. 🎳

(Keep in mind, you don’t spend any money to do this. You can get started with a free account in ManyChat and still have access to enough features to build a really sophisticated and effective chatbot without spending a penny.)

And here at Messenger Bot Secrets we will have you set up with your first EVER bot in NO time.

If you would like a chat bot set up in 5 minutes with our FREE video training then click SEND MESSAGE button below and we'll get you started.   👇👇👇



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