How to GROW your list using Messenger πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ And Bring In More Sales vs. Email!

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I am sure you've heard the famous phrase a gazillion times used by the BIG online marketing Guru's... 

"The Money Is In The List"


And although email open rates and clickthrough rates are dropping fast... Building a list of hot contacts, raving fans, and customers is far MORE important in today's marketing vs. any BIG online social media followers!

And here is the GOOD news, you can grow your list using Messenger (and you can even collect email address inside Messenger too, super powerful). πŸ“§πŸ“§πŸ“§


Before we move on to reveal the 'HOW' you can build your Messenger empire.

Let me be the first to tell you this...

You do NOT need a HUGE list of leads when using Facebook Messenger.


With a list of 500 leads in Messenger, vs another Business in your niche market with a list of over 8,000 Email leads. YOU will still WIN the race to converting followers into a customers. 

You see, when I first launched my business five years ago, my intention was to BUILD an EMAIL LIST. And although my list has grown, my relationship with my Email contacts is abysmal.

However, when I started to use Messenger as a way to engage more with my audience, what I found with Chat Bots was how easy it is to build a deeper RELATIONSHIP with my  Messenger list.

And I don’t have to tell you, that a deeper connection with a smaller audience is far more beneficial to the health of your business (and easier to do btw!) than a larger list with NO connection.

Deeper Connection = more sales.

In fact, when that deeper connection is established, selling is almost taken out of the equation completely.

With Messenger Chat Bots you have a much quicker tool in the palm of your hand to build those important relationships at super speed. And more importantly you will maintain those relationships for longer lasting. With 90% open rates, and up to 65% click through rates, there has NEVER been a better tool for your business whereby you have MORE and MORE of your audience (and raving fans) consume your amazing content every day! 

Still skeptical, find out for yourself with my Email vs Messenger Calculator (click the image below):


You can click here and run my Email Vs. Messenger calculator and see for yourself.


'How to Grow Your List With Messenger':


NOTE: Think of Messenger Marketing similar to email marketing. It does the same job as Email, however your chances fo delivery, leads reading and clicking are a LOT higer vs email.

But here is the COOL thing about Messenger Chat Bots and the software I use ( to create my bots. You don't need land page/ squeeze page registration software with Messenger... Because we build these inside of ManyChat (for FREE):

And here is how:

i) Inside of ManyChat, choose the 'Growth Tools' from the side bar:

ii) Now select any of the powerful lead capturing tools available:

I use the following:

Button/ Box - embedded to my website or blog pages (see to the right of this blog) --->

Slide-in - I use on my main website with a 10 second delay

Modal - Works brilliantly as an exit pop up (you'll see it when you exit) πŸ˜œ

Landing Page - Says what it is on the tin (I only use this for eBook downloads)

Messenger Ref URL - I use this all over my website and social media platforms. Works the same like any clickable link. You can have it is as your bio link on Instagram, or a link for your YouTube videos, and you can use this link inside of email campaigns

Facebook Comments - This is undoubtedly the MOST powerful of the Growth Tools if you use this correctly with a clever funnel attached to the lead capturing tool

(this powerful funnel is also built inside of Messenger and my business makes daily passive income on autopilot from this one tool. And it takes roughly 15 minutes to build and set up).

Interested ---> Click Here to find out more!



Remember; you don't need a fancy pants lead capturing software when you're building your list with Messenger. You can create awesome hot πŸ”₯looking lead capturing tool/s (created inside Messenger):

These are called 'Growth Tools' and are basically lead capturing tools that automatically sends your awesome free lead magnet in a matter of seconds, and at the same time adds your new leads to your messenger list (this happens in 4.5 seconds with a lot less friction vs Email).

This is a quickidy quick process (what your audience wants)... and from the moment your new leads click the 'Download' button... to the moment they receiving your lead magnet (free gift) this is roughly 4.5 seconds. Wheres the email delivery time is up to 2 minutes (sometimes more)!

Your audience wants QUICK and FAST delivery... Facebook Messenger does that for you and keeps your audience SUPER happy and not feeling frustrated or the feeling that they've been spammed. 

(example of the slide-in Growth Tool):


Engage, entertain, educate, and deliver more free gifts on a consistent basis delivered via Messenger (podcast / videos / cheat sheets / FB live & more..)

If you are NOT using Messenger to announce your NEW weekly content (podcast episodes / Live Videos / Channel videos / blog posts ... and more).

You will seriously start to feel the 'sloooooow' burn trying to grow your list. 


Have you EVER tried talking to a brick wall before... It's the same thing with email!

Do you often ask yourself these questions:

"Why aren't people watching my videso.."

"Why arne't people turning up to my live FB Live streams.."

"Why aren't people downloading my latest awesome Podcast episode???..."

And how can I get the word out so more people will listen?



The answer is simple... They are NOT opening your emails. They are not reading your emails. And therefore they are NOT clicking on your links πŸ˜”


Lemme dive deep quickly for you πŸ‘€

πŸ‘‰ Picture this... You're about to go live on your Facebook Page and you have some amazing new content to share.

You send an email announcement.... 

..... over half you're email contact list didn't see the email until after the live event because they were very unlikely to be reading their emails at that precise time!

(people HATE missing live events and well under half of your audience will watch the replay)!


πŸ‘‰At the same time, you also send a Facebook Messenger announcement...

... 90% of your Messenger list see and open the message!

Regardless of what they were doing at that precise time, 90% of your audience know you're about to go live in 5 minutes! πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©

This will increase your live attendance rates on your Page, meaning your audience will start to build a deeper relationship with you.


If you don’t develop a deeper connection with your audience, the reality is potential customers are significantly less likely to see you as an authority in your niche, resulting in themNOT to swipe-up on your instagram story, turn up to your LIVE FB videos, never opt-into your launches, and ultimately they will NEVER buy your product or service. πŸ˜’


πŸ‘‰ But this doesn't have to be you!


QUICK TIP (you can collect email addresses inside of Messenger):


i) Filter leads. Ask questions. Run quizzes & surveys.

ii) Find out what your audience wants. What their frustrations are. What are they struggling with? What are they crying out from you to show them more of?

iii) Then give them what THEY want. Talk to them on a 1-on-1 conversation based on their interests. And have them excited to be potentially working with you even deeper.

iv) And when the time is right... Promote your products and services (courses/ memberships/ coaching programs etc) - And REAP the Moolah rewards!  


     Always ask questions!                       And sell your services when the time is right:



TIP: You can create compelling Offers inside of Messenger too:


That is it in a nutshell.

Grow your list and bring in more sales.


Its that easy, and in just 4 steps.

1) Capture Leads using 'Growth Tools'

2) Deliver FREE content

3) Engage with your audience & build deeper relationships

4) Sell & promote your offers πŸ‘



Here are stats our clients are currently getting:

  • 90% Open Rates

  • 65%+ Click Through Rates

  • 110% Attendance Rates

  • 366% Conversions in Sales!


😱 We are not saying NOT to use email marketing. And we are not saying that email marketing is completely dead (yet)!


But we do know that in the next 2-3 years email marketing will be entirely gone, and Messaging Marketing will become the new communication tool. 


So by building your Messenger empire NOW and beating the crowd and your competitors =

πŸš€ YOUR Business WINs BIG! πŸš€





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