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When you see in facebook groups that someone else has just broke 6 figures in revenue in the last 12 months, you instantly assume they have worked hard, they have hustled hard, and they must have a HUGE following!!

But what if I told you that you can go from ZERO to 6 figures in the next 12 months by not having to sell hard or hustle!

Here are my FIVE steps to starting a business online and keeping it REALLY simple so that you can bring in a healthy revenue income stream even if this is your first year trading.


1. The first step I always advise EVERYONE starting fresh with a passion & an idea to build a business empire is to start building your audience.

Build your audience FIRST.

Growing a fan following of subscribers inside your very own mini tribe will be your biggest asset when starting to build an online presents that will ultimately become your business empire.

I advise first to start growing your audience within 3 months. This time frame of 90 days will tell you whether you have something... or whether it is best to get back to the drawing board or think of a new audience type. 

Three months of audience growth is also a good time frame for you to keep a consistent content churn while delivering BIG value to your audience. The plan is to find your perfect people, offer amazing value, and build trust with your new super fan community. And only then would I suggest you offer anything for sale. But if you deliver value first, and you have a hyped group who love you, after 3 months is up you can now start to look an offer training with you, and this is where some serious cash can be made. 💸


2. Now that you know you need to create consistent value and content for an audience who will LOVE everything you do. The best platform and forum to deliver such value is a Facebook group.

FB groups are free to create, and are very easy to reach your perfect audience. You will want to create a group that answers a problem that people aren't getting anywhere else.

You can easily go from a ZERO to 10,000+ FB group in the next 12 months and you can do this by using mostly free methods. In-fact, most of the times I have paid for Facebook advertising to expand my profile I realised I didn't really need to to spend money at all.

One of your BIGGEST super weapons is a loyal following of fans. If you are delivering content and value to your group, and they can't get what you offer from other groups, then you will see some amazing magic happening.

The Magic: Your members will stay loyal you, they will share your content to their friends which in return will reach more of your 'perfect' audience. Your members will constantly invite other members for you, and comment on your content, and offer NEW content ideas that you didn't even know they were asking for.

And if you do some keyword research that fits your niche market, then your group will show up when people are looking for what you offer as a solution to their problems 🤩


3. Give the people what they want!

Listening to your audience is the biggest tip I can give if you're wanting to sell a service of some type of training program after 90 days. Almost all the paid programs I've created are based on real problems my audience really wants a solution to.

But I didn't sell my products & services like hot cakes because I am some super genius. I just simply listen to what my audience were crying more for, and I understood their desires, their problems, their frustrations...

When I was going to release my very first product to world, I thought I knew exactly what my audience wanted. Little did I know what I was about to create for them was freely available on YouTube. Granted it was on a platform that did not have an easy step-by-step learning portal, and as you know YouTube is full of distractions. But people's mind sets are based on WHAT they cannot get for free, and invest in something that will cost them little in exchange of money but deliver BIG value in training. 

The program I was about to sell was like Stage 1 in a training process, but my audience wanted Stages 3 - 4, and were willing to pay around the $1,000 price for a 4 module online course.

Ask your audience. Understand their desires.. Help them solve their problems.


4. Build a strong relationship.

I have touch on this already briefly in the previous tips, but having a strong relationship with core audience members will keep your business on track to 6 figures.

When you have a VERY strong relationship with your audience, you can actually generate good income without the need to spend time on things that really don't matter.

Example: If you have built a strong relationship with your followers over 3 months, I would advise not to bother even create a sales pages for your higher level courses. In fact, when I launched my first $997 course I sold 22 spots in just 5 days! They bought so fast that more signed up than what I had planned for (my plan was 20 spots)!

I simply ran Facebook lives hyping my audience up to a training program I am running, and I ran my runway launch for 4 weeks leading up to the application for my program, and when we opened the doors on the Monday we had already filled over 45% of our maximum number of spots. No ads. No hustle. No hard sales. No webinars. No sales pages. No copywriters... Just a loyal audience!



Want to know something? I didn't even have a business name when I started my online digital agency!! I just known as 'Jack Long' the go-to guy for helping you capture more leads and generate more income using Facebook's messenger.

I finally came up with a name, but NOT having one didn't let it stop me from putting myself out there and starting a tribe.

My website used to be terrible, and some people would say it still is 🤣

I have bought at least 100 different URL's to see what looked good, and I never used 99% of them, and when I did have a URL at first it didn't really match my main source of income either. But that stuff doesn't matter at all.

And don't even get me started on the perfect PDF freebie, or spending a week designing a logo. I didn't have that stuff when I first started generating an income, and I can whole heartily say that this stuff shouldn't stop you from just jumping in and doing it!

And another thing... or interesting fact about my business. My online programs were not 100% perfect when I took my first batch of customers. And for the first 12 - 18 months I had MAJOR overhauls and I was always adjusting based on what the members wanted or what I thought could be better.

Had I waited for everything to be "perfect", I probably would still be sitting here without a dime. Do it first, make it better along the way!!


And these are my FIVE tips/ steps to building an online business that could bring in 6 figures of income if you focus on serving YOUR own community first!



There was one other MAJOR aspect that really helped me in the early stages of my business, and has helped me keep growth and momentum to 6 figures running my online business for THREE years. In-fact this SECRET WEAPON is how we have helped our clients generate multiples of 6-7 figures, and without this one thing they would never have had half the success.... 


..... DRUM ROLL 🥁🥁🥁


Deep Dive Marketing Research!

Sounds boring huh! But how would you be able to 'talk' to your audience, and deliver exactly what they want if you don't know what it is they need.

By conducting market research and using Facebooks Messenger to collect all the data such as demographics, audience likes, desires and more. I knew more about my audience needs than they actually knew themselves.

If you could just discover your customers trends, and figure what might be the best market to pursue or best type of resources to deliver, then you can quickly grow your community and build relationships FAR quicker than just running random Facebook lives!

And imagine knowing blindspots about your existing market or what might be the biggest challenges people are facing.

And HOW much income could you bring in knowing exactly WHAT new type of product your audience are ready to buy in an instant before you even create the product.

With this type information at your disposal you can be totally unstoppable in your niche market, and even with a small audience you could grow from ZERO to 6 figures like our clients have experienced... And we have taken clients from 5 figures, to multi 6 figure launches and beyond!


Don't waste your time trying to figure out WHAT content you should post and focus on in the first 3 months.

Jump on a free consultation call with me, Jack Long, and let's dive into WHO your audience are, how you can better serve them.

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