Jack's THREE Business Rules of Thumb!!!

A lot of Online Marketers ask... 'What is the magic to success'... 

And you know that there is NO magic blue print, or get rich quick formula! 

But to be successful does require understanding some basic numbers!

And if you take onboard what I am about to share with you, this could just change the way YOU look at your business going forward!

I call this...

Jack's THREE Business Rules of Thumb!!!

The three rules are actually just three numbers... (percentages actually % % %)

The THREE percent numbers are: 56% / 40% / 3%

Before you get all clever on me and message saying my numbers are off because they add up to 99... Hang on tight because there is a reason for this:

Lets dive DEEP now and breakdown those percentages (trust me, this is actually fun)!


> 56% of YOUR audience won't buy from you! 😭

I know... I know... It is a little HARSH to say the least. But this is a true figure! At it doesn't just apply to you! This applies me, your competitors, the BIG online gurus you follow and love.. And EVERYONE else!

The sooner we realise that 56% of people who are interested in what you do actually have NO intention in buying from you! The quicker you can concentrate on the audience that will be your businesses key customers!

⚠️ BUT WAIT!!! There is a way around this (hold tight)!


> 40% of YOUR audience are poised to BUY from you! 🤔

Ok, first things first! This is another high percentage is almost swinging in your favour! Having a large amount of people interested in YOU and potentially interested in buying is a good thing!

But POISED does not mean they are getting their credit card out and buying from you today! This simply means your audience are thinking about it... They are not too sure yet... They are on the fence!!! 

But here is the tricky part: This 40% of poised audience is on the fence with you, your competitor, the BIG online gurus etc etc! This is not just you, it is EVERYONE! Meaning you, everyone in your niche and their dog are fighting after 40% of people because they are on the fence thinking "who should I invest my time or money with..."

> Ok, moving on to the final percentage number.

> 3% of YOUR audience will most definitely BUY from you! 😀

YES! The good news is that a percentage of your audience will buy without even thinking about it! THEY are buying right now... As you read this blog the 3% happy buyers and spending like there is no tomorrow!

This audience group are your typical impulse buyers. They know what they want, they don't have to think about it anymore and THEY want in! AND if you're the person they have decided to invest in, then it's 'cha-ching' for you! 💰💰💰

BUT, 3% is still low when you think about it! Do you think you can make your business a success relying on 3% of your audience buying from you! 😳


> The 1%:

And the 1% is a number that sits on it's own! This number moves all the time between any of the THREE percentages. At some point 56% might be 55%, and 40% could be a stale mate meaning the 3% rises to 4%... That 1% floats in-between the THREE main numbers at all times creating some kind of movement!


Here is a quick question to ask yourself 👇


Which Percentage Audience do YOU think you should focus 80% of your marketing effort on?? 56% - 40% - 3%???


... have a think for a minute before I tell you which one!





Are you still thinking or scrolling down! 🤣🤣🤣




OK OK!!!

A lot of Online Marketers and Business Owners answer with the 3%....

... why is this, probably because they only see the MONEY!!! 🙈

AND here is the truth!!!

A lot of online business owners ONLY ever focus on the 3% and then wonder why they can't scale their business!

If you want to be successful at this Entrepreneur life, YOU need to focus your efforts on the 40% of your audience who are POISED to buy!!!


> Focus on 40% of your POISED to buy Audience:

Now here is the most interesting part, and if you like simple maths like me (I hated maths at school), then this is going to be fun!

By putting most of your efforts into the 40% of your audience who are 'thinking about buying something from someone in your niche' (could be you if you do it right). And if all you did was provide value, content, knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, training and more...!

Then you will be standing out from the crowd in your niche market!

And this is where the fun happens. Because as soon as you focus on the 40%, and you don't heavily focus on anyone else! The magic happens!

The more you engage and support and share your experiences with the 40%, the more and more they will be looking at you to go help them further. This means you will start to lower that 40% down to 38%... or 32%... or even better, under 30% and more!

And when this happens, the 3% rises meaning that you have convinced the POISED audience to invest more of their time with you as the 'Go-To' in your field! 

The other bit of magic is that when the 3% rises slightly, and the 40% falls slightly, you can also see a decline in the 56% too! 😱

So while your competitors are struggling yo scale their business with the standard 56% / 40% / 3% metric!

You will be KILLING it with 48% / 37% / 15% 💰💵🚀📈

And the 1% will always continue to float between all 3 areas at all times!


Now think for this for a minute!

How AMAZING would it be if you could raise your Buying audience UP, and lower the NON buying audience down!

And you are now probably thinking, HOW???

Well first of all it is SUPER easy!

And all it comes down to starting with ONE simple plan of action...

Relationship Building!

And what if I told you there was a SIMPLE formula and a FREE tool you can use TODAY that gels all this together. One formula that builds relationships with any of your audience type, and then turns them into raving fans and then into customers!

We've been using this ONE tool for over 2 years now and it has changed EVERYTHING in my business... 

That tool is of course - Facebook's Messenger Platform!

And we use ManyChat, a free to use online marketing software program that allows you to run very powerful marketing campaigns run by Messenger Bots. NO. MORE. EMAIL!



Messenger Communications transforms YOU into the Authority and builds a powerful relationship with your audience.

Your competitors are probably too lazy to use Messenger (or don’t use it properly) which allows you to stand out from the competition. AND You Can Start TODAY!

We have TONS of resource, free training, online courses and more for you to dive into.

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REMEMBER: think about winning the hearts of your 40% audience who would love to buy from you, but they just don't know it yet! And until you use Messenger Bots, you will instantly 8X the speed process turning them into SUPER fans quicker than any other marketing platform! 😍


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