💲💲💲 How a Member made $35,000 in 5-DAYS! 😱

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2018

How a simple (but powerful) Messenger chat bot funnel made a fitness expert $35,000 in 5 Days!!! (wow)!!


The story I am sharing with you today should give you 100% reason as to WHY your business needs Messenger (like now) to run your marketing campaigns!

Meet Christianne Wolff... 

 (Fitness, Nutritionist, Mindset expert):

Christianne runs a success online program called Body Rescue, and during the whole of 2018 she ran quarterly launch campaigns for her 5-Day Sugar Free challenge.

Each launch generated a profitable success and Christianne was making 4-Figure launches. Nice! 

However, to run a launch her expenses were through the roof. We're talking > High upfront costs for Facebook ads, a copywriter, FB ads Manager, Tech guy building landing pages, someone on her team managing email connections, her VA running admins, and not to mention all the usual software expense running pages/ checkout/ videos etc!

SO at the start of 2019, Christianne wanted to try something NEW in her marketing plans in the hope this new approach would take her revenues (and her business) to NEXT LEVEL.

That's when she approached ME...  Christianne has heard the hype about Messenger Marketing but she hadn't had the courage to try on her own. But she was determined to give this new exciting tool she keeps hearing others talk about and try. She joined Messenger Bot Secrets, implemented our training for launch campaigns and her results have been staggering: 

It is good to note that we run launch campaigns sightly different with Messenger Chats. And Christianne recalls her first thoughts going into her recent launch in April:

"I am scared... I am literally feeling worried about this...

Are you sure this is going to work.."!!!


And why was she scared?

She had to scrap everything:

> Her registration Pages, Her Thank You pages, all email, no copywriter, or the Tech guy... And I told her to cut her FB ads spend in half too!!! 😳 

And the results:

  • First I want to add that we only registered half the normal number of registrants signing up to the Body Rescue's launch using Messenger!
    • (normal sign ups - 3,200 / Messenger sign ups - 367)


  • For a 5-Day Challenge to work to full affect, you need as many registrants to watch the daily live training video's. 

The 5-Day live training attendees inside the closed group:

    • (previous email live attendees - Avg 32 per day
    • Messenger live attendees - Avg 140 per day)


  • Day 5 Cart Open Day Results:
    • (Previous launches - 0.5% of registrants / Messenger launch - 81% of registrants)


  • Percentage of sales increase from Email sales to Messenger sales - 


    🚀 366% increase! 🚀


BOOM!!! 🤯 💥💥💥

> We cut ad spend in half!

> We didn't need any expensive software plugins

> We didn't need a high amount of leads registered to get better results

> We didn't need multiple complicated software or tech to glue everything together

> We 5x a normal Launch campaigns revenue!


👉And all we did was use Facebook Messenger. That was it.... No email. No Landing Pages. No cheesy Thank You Page...

Facebook Messenger did all of the above for Christianne in under one roof!  Saving Christianne tons of expense & set up time.


Wanna know how she did it?


Be sure to tune in live to my NEXT LIVE Masterclass Training on the following dates:

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